Sault Lès Rethel is located in the Ardennes, near Rethel. It is close to important European capitals. It is part of an administration in charge of 24 towns and 22 schools. Our school is a rural primary school of 245 pupils aged 3-10. There are 10 classes including a class for pupils with special educational needs.  There are 10 teachers and 4 persons in charge of pupils with specifical needs. About 10 % of our pupils have learning disabilities. Although Rethel and Sault lès Rethel are developing activities on economic, cultural and social level, our school is in an area of particular social deprivation, with about 40% of unemployed parents. 
Our school project focuses on two priorities. The first one is the use of transversal competences to develop pupils skills in the use of language through school activities linked to the curriculum. The second one is the development of project-based learning with integration of ICT in order to motivate our pupils, to engage them in school activities. 

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