Welcome to the PICS Erasmus+ project - Practice, Innovate and Create at School.
This project joins together staff and pupils fro four schools from different countries in Europe: Finland, France, Greece and Portugal (Azores islands).

By creating innovative learning scenarios, the project aims to share and implement innovative practices throughout  benchmarking methods, relating to learning and teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches (linked to the FCL methodology) that deliver key competences and basic skills  focusing on the use of ICT. We want to engage pupils in learning activities and prepare them for the future. We expect the project will allow them (including pupils with special needs and pupils with low basic skills) to improve their performance through innovative and collaborative activities, to achieve competences and skills in curriculum and to validate the skills of the 21st century. 

Pictures can easily be used in teaching. We plan to use a picture as a basis for each scenario that we will prepare and also for each scenario that we will implement.The approach will be creative to engage pupils and allow them to prepare to go wrong, and accept and learn from mistakes.

The project is carried out transnationally because it will reinforce our network. It will enable staff exchange between the participating organisations from different school systems of education, sharing and combining competences to develop, create and adapt scenarios. It brings a better understanding of social and cultural diversity and widens pupils horizons. It strengthens the ability for all participants to operate at transnational level to share and exchange ideas and practices.

The project meets the specific needs of teachers and students of respective partner schools.


 Partners working during the first project meeting in France (October, 2017)

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