The 2nd Primary School of Eleftheroupoli is a school of 139 students aged 6-12 coming from a rural and urban area of Northern Greece. The ten (10) teaching members of the staff teach   all basic subjects except for foreign languages (English, French or German), Physical Education and Music, which are taught by special teachers. There is also an inclusion class aiming at helping students with learning problems or difficulties and a special class which offers additional lessons on Language to students of foreign origin. Finally, we should mention the simultaneous support class with a Special Education teacher to meet the needs of a student with Asperger syndrome.

We belong to the Zone of Educational Priority (ZEP School) with 16% of the total number of students coming from migrant families touched severely by low income budgets and / or unemployment. These two factors have also affected the majority of our student population in general and have led a number of them at risk of social exclusion. Another 14% of our students is officially diagnosed with learning disabilities, which affects the structure of the curriculum as we   apply methods of differentiated teaching.

Our primary aim is to meet the educational as well as the social needs of our students and furthermore to raise their interest and aspirations. In order to achieve this, we have considered our participation and active involvement in European partnerships essential and necessary since our students are given the opportunity to move their interest and curiosity in countries other than theirs, build bridges and break down barriers among EU partners, communicate in a foreign language and appreciate new languages, integrate ICT in teaching, realize their own heritage and culture, support their mental and physical growth and promote their well- being, develop appropriate behavior and consistent relations and finally improve their involvement regardless of the educational or social assessment.
Our participation in a recycling programme three years now, library foundation with accompanying activities to enhance its role and importance, mounting theatrical performances, producing materials such as books either in English or in Greek, taking part in the 3rd Phycology Symposium and being awarded for our work, introducing our students with new sports such as RUN AND OUT are playing a significant role leading our students to the path of innovation and originality. 

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